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In public buildings such as offices, hotels, department stores, airports and health facilities, the high frequency of people inevitably leads to a high hygiene risk. For this reason, hygiene and infection protection measures play a decisive role in the planning of new or modernisation of existing accesses.

CSIRO has found that the COVID-19 virus can last up to 28 days on surfaces like mobile phones, touch screens, glass and stainless steel at 20C without exposure to UV.

The findings suggest security system touch screens and contact fingerprint biometric readers need to be cleaned regularly and hand hygiene needs to be carefully managed in shared environments.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the uptake of mobile access control, with 44 per cent of customers saying the pandemic has made access control more important for their business.

All signs point to touch less access control being the future of the access control industry.

Temperature Screening & Face Recognition Terminal – Face recognition access and exit

These terminals are capable of connecting to an access control system to achieve a touch less environment for all sites. This device can also act as a standalone door station as well as being able to call indoor intercom room stations.

The temperature screening and face recognition terminal is an access control device integrated with a temperature screening function. It can quickly and efficiently measure skin-surface temperature from a safe distance and raise either a local and/or remote alert if an abnormal temperature is detected. Applications include retail, commercial, health facilities and aged care, factories, education facilities, etc.

Touchless Exit / entry Buttons for access

The high quality infrared button, designed with industrial and high-risk environmental requirements in mind. The touch less button can be used in many hi-demanding applications from access control systems or direct door control. no touch required for opening the door.

Touch less entry and exit buttons are uniquely designed for the application where sanitary conditions make easier access to open doors through a sensor.

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